[I’M] Nobody Productions is a full service multi-media production company located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote the empowerment of all people, foster civic engagement and to encourage unity in communities through video production.

Our founder, Rob Deza has been credited with changing the perception of people about the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Here in Holyoke, Rob has united a group of passionate artists – photographers, editors, writers, and film producers – to help achieve the vision of a more tolerant, understanding, and motivated society.

We offer a variety of services from music videos and commercials to narrative films and documentaries. [I’M] Nobody Productions focuses it’s efforts on striving grass roots organizations and businesses that rely strongly on volunteers and public funding. However, we are committed to providing our services to support projects that will make a significant difference in society. The [I’M] Nobody Productions team has been working tirelessly on new and inventive ideas for the future of media.

I Am Holyoke Short Story Series [Marcella Jayne]

Winter 2013